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Right of withdrawal

You may cancel your order (without giving reasons), at any time within a period of 14 days from the time you place the order. Your notification of withdrawal should be sent to us in writing (i.e. by letter, email, or fax). If the goods have been delivered to you before the deadline, you can cancel your order by returning the goods to us. In order to ensure that the withdrawal takes place within the given time it is sufficient to send your notification - or return the goods - within the 14-day period.

The withdrawal must be addressed to:
c/o GmbH
Schaeuffelenstr. 49-51
74076 Heilbronn
represented by CEO Adem Topaloglu
Fax: 07131/39419-19

Consequences of withdrawal:

In the event of a successful revocation, any goods, services, or monies rendered by either party shall be returned and any funds that may have accrued shall be released. In cases where damage has been caused to the goods after delivery, the customer will be required to pay compensation; however, this does not apply if the delivered goods have been damaged solely as a consequence of trying them out (as one would similarly expect in a high street retail shop, for example). To avoid the potential obligation of having to pay compensation for damaged goods, you are advised not to use the goods in any way which might impair their value; especially after you have decided to notify us of your withdrawal. If goods can be returned by parcel post, we will cover any risk of loss of, or damage to, the goods in transit. Items which cannot be sent by parcel post will be collected. Any compensation due for damage to products must be paid within 30 days of the declaration of revocation. The period begins from the time you transmit your declaration to us, or from the moment we receive the goods returned by you.

The right to return does not apply to goods mentioned in §312 d sec 1 BGB. This includes:

Supplies of goods that have been produced according to customer specifications or which have been tailored to a customer's specific requirements, goods which are not suitable for sending back due to their condition, goods which damage easily, and goods which are subject to expiration.